Sandboxing tab


Status This column displays the status (Enabled/Disabled) of sandboxing for the corresponding file type. Double-click on it to change its status.
File types The sandboxing option allows scanning four types of files:
  • Archive: these include the main types of archives (zip, arj, lha, rar, cab, etc)
  • Office document (Office software): all types of documents that can be opened with the MS Office suite.
  • Executable: files that can be run in Windows (files with the extension ".exe",".bat",".cmd",".scr", etc).
  • PDF: files in Portable Document Format (Adobe).
  • Flash (files with the extension ".swf").
  • Java (compiled java files. Example: files with a ".jar" extension).
Max size of scanned files (KB) This field allows defining the maximum size of files that need to be sandboxed. By default, this value is equal to the one in the Maximum size for antivirus and sandboxing scan (KB) field in the File analysis tab. This value cannot be exceeded.

Actions on files

When known malware has been identified This field contains 2 options:
  • By selecting Block, the analyzed file will not be sent.
  • By selecting Pass, the file will be sent in its original form.
When sandboxing fails This option defines the behavior of the sandboxing option if the file scan fails.
  • If Block has been specified, the file being scanned will not be sent.
  • If Pass without scanning has been specified, the file being scanned will be sent.