IPv6 can be enabled globally on Stormshield Network Firewalls through the Network parameters tab in the Configuration module.

Network Settings tab

Enable IPv6 support on this Firewall Clicking on this button enables IPv6 network layers on the firewall, therefore making IPv6 parameters accessible from the various configuration modules (Interfaces, DHCP, Routing, etc.). The firewall must be restarted in order to apply the activation of IPv6.

As this action is irreversible, you are advised to back up your configuration before enabling IPv6 support. To return to support for IPv4 addressing only, you will need to reset your firewall to its factory settings before you can restore the backup of this configuration. Reset your configuration by pressing the dedicated button if your appliance has one, or by using the “defaultconfig” CLI command in console mode.

Likewise, for each interface with an IPv6 address and belonging to a bridge, the routing without analyzing option in the IPv6 protocol must be disabled (advanced configuration tab in the Network>Interfaces module), in order to allow this traffic to be filtered.