When it has been enabled in your preferences, the button allowing you to record configuration commands will appear on the right side of the upper panel in the web administration interface. It allows you to save all commands sent to the firewall during a configuration sequence so that they can be reused later, for example, in scripts. This sequence may apply to several configuration modules.

The status of this button may be one of the following:

  • : no recording in progress.
  • : recording in progress.

Recording a sequence of configuration commands

  1. Click on to start recording,
  1. Perform all the configuration actions that you wish to record,
  2. Stop recording by clicking on ,

The Recorded configuration commands window will then appear, containing the list of all commands applied sequentially to the firewall. This list can be modified.

  1. Select the action to apply to the list of commands:
  • Copy to clipboard: all commands will be remembered in the workstation's clipboard so that they can be pasted in a text editor,
  • Clear: all commands will be erased without being remembered,
  • Close: closes the Recorded configuration commands window.