View by context

This view sets out alarms by protocol profiles. The first drop-down list, on the left, allows selecting the protocol context.

For each protocol, you can configure up to 10 configuration profiles, which can be selected from the second drop-down list (which displays “default”)

You can change the name of the file by going to the menu Application protection > Protocols:

  1. Select a configuration from the drop-down list.
  2. Click on Edit and select Rename.
  3. Change the name of the profile in the field and add a comment if necessary.
  4. Click on Update.

You will see your modified profile in the drop-down list of configurations in the Applications and Protections module.

You can modify the policy within a profile according to 4 predefined templates: INTERNET, LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH, described in the section “View by inspection profile”.

The “new” status of alarms can be removed by clicking on Approve new alarms described in the previous section. You can also Search in alarms by typing letters or words in the appropriate field.