This menu is only available (not grayed out) when advanced antivirus has been selected. It also requires the prior subscription of the sandboxing (Breach fighter) option.

Note that it is possible to manually submit a file to for this file to be scanned.

After undergoing sandboxing, the file will be assigned a score (maliciousness threshold) evaluated on a scale of 1 to 100. Files with a score of 0 are therefore considered not dangerous. Files with a score above 0 are considered malicious.

Sandboxing threshold above which files will be blocked From the drop-down list, select the level of maliciousness above which the firewall must block such files.
Four levels are available:
  • Minor (score between 1 and 30)
  • Suspicious (score between 31 and 70)
  • Potentially malicious (score between 71 and 99)
  • Malicious (score of 100)