admin account password

The password of the admin account can be deployed from SNS version 3.9.0 upwards.

It comes in the form of a text file containing a single unencrypted string in UTF-8.

The length of the password has to be between 8 and 128 characters. The password must also comply with rules on allowed/prohibited characters for passwords for SNS v3 or allowed/prohibited characters for passwords for SNS v4: otherwise, the admin account may not be able to connect to the firewall.

If the password specified in the file does not comply with the password policy that was restored through a configuration backup file, this password will not be applied.

If the password is the same for all the firewalls that will be configured via the USB key, the file containing it must be named default.pwd. If different passwords are used for each firewall's admin account, each file must be named Firewall_Serial_Number.pwd.