Dynamic routing configuration

Dynamic routing configuration files can be imported from SNS version 3.10.2 upwards or 4.1.1 upwards.

Every firewall that uses a dynamic routing configuration has a ".bird" file for IPv4 networks and routes, and a ".bird6" file for IPv6 networks and routes.

These files can be accessed via SSH on an active firewall in the folder /usr/Firewall/ConfigFiles/Bird/.

This configuration can also be displayed from the web administration interface via Configuration > Network > Routing, in the Dynamic routing and IPv6 dynamic routing tabs.

Every file that will be installed via USB key must be named Firewall_Serial_Number.bird or Firewall_Serial_Number.bird6.


To enable the use of the dynamic routing configuration and Bird files, both Bird and Bird6 modules must also be enabled on the firewall. This requires the use of an additional ".csv" configuration file that will make it possible to run a setconf operation. For more information, see Additional configuration files.