setconf operation

The setconf operation can be used to:

  • Change the value of a field found in a particular section of a configuration file,
  • As of version SNS 3.10.1: add a full line to a section of a configuration file.

When a comma is needed in any of the parameters in the command, the value of the parameter must be framed in brackets.

Setting the value of a field


"serial | any", setconf, "file", "section", "field", "value"

any, setconf, network, ethernet0, Protected, 0
any, setconf, object, Host, gateway, ", resolve=static"
any, setconf, Bird/global, bird, state, 1

Adding a full line (as of SNS version 3.10.1)


"serial | any", setconf, "file", "section", "line"

any, setconf, route, StaticRoutes, "MyNetworkObject,my-if->MyGW"