p12import operation

This feature is available from SNS version 3.10.1 upwards or 4.0.1 upwards.

It allows PKCS#12 files to be imported. File names must have a .p12 extension. If a PKCS#12 file is not protected by a password, the "p12password" field must remain empty. The "ondisk" parameter makes it possible to choose whether to protect the private key contained in a PKCS#12 file by sealing it to the TPM.

The TPM must to be initialized before it can be used to protect any private keys.


"serial | any", p12import, none|ondisk, "p12file", "p12password"

SN310A17B0023A7, p12import, none, file1.p12, file1PwdValue
SN310A17B0023A7, p12import, none, file2.p12
SN310A17B0023A7, p12import, ondisk, file3.p12, file3PwdValue
SN310A17B0023A7, p12import, ondisk, file4.p12