Adding the LDAP directory

By adding your LDAP directory, you will be able to search for your users and groups straight from the firewall. You can then define authentication policies involving these users and groups on your LDAP directory.

To add the LDAP directory on the firewall:

  1. Log in to the firewall's administration interface: https://firewall_IP_address/admin,
  2. Go to Configuration > Users > Directory configuration.
  3. If directories have not yet been configured on the firewall, the wizard will appear automatically. If you have configured directories elsewhere, click on Add a directory.
  4. Select “Connect to an external LDAP directory” in the wizard.
  5. Enter the login information for the directory. For more information, refer to the SNS user guide.

Repeat these steps to add several directories. You can configure up to four non-Microsoft LDAP directories and/or Active Directories in addition to the internal directory.