“Self-Test” procedure

This test will be carried out in two phases:

  • The first phase consists of testing the RAM (except for SN150, SN160(W), SN210(W) and SN310 products on which this test is not available),
  • The second phase contains all other tests.

The RAM test is fully automated and does not require any intervention.
If all goes well, this test should last between 2 and 5 minutes, depending on the model.

If, during this test, one or several rows appear in red at the bottom part of the screen, or if the screen remains frozen for several seconds, this means that the product has a hardware defect relating to its RAM. Shut down the appliance and power it off, unplugging all cables and the USB drive.

Please contact Stormshield’s technical support for an RMA procedure.

Once this first test has been carried out successfully, the product will automatically reboot and the 2nd phase of the test will launch automatically:

The successive tests in this 2nd phase will launch automatically. The results of tests will appear when they are conducted.

Your confirmation may be required for some tests in order to confirm the proper operation of LEDs, buttons or network ports. In this case, the product will emit beeps at regular intervals. If you do not respond to questions within the given time, the "Self-Test" will make a default decision or ignore the test.

Once these tests are done, the "Self-Test" will ask you to shut down the product:

The operating system has halted.

Please press any key to reboot.

Power off the product and unplug the USB drive.

The USB drive now contains a .NST file containing the encrypted test report. If needed, please get in touch with Stormshield’s support for an analysis of this report.