SN200, SN300, SN500, SN700, SN900, SN910, SN1100, SN2100, SN3100 and SN6100

Most of the connectors on these firewall models are located on the front panel, except for the SN910, SN2100, SN3100 and SN6100 appliances.

1: On/Off button

2: LEDs from bottom to top: Power/Status/Online

3: Mini-Din PS/2 port: for plugging in the keyboard

4: VGA or HDMI (SN2100 and SN3100) port: for plugging in the monitor

5: USB port

6: Serial port in console mode

7: On/off switch

On products that have both an HDMI port and a VGA port, it is better to use the HDMI port if possible to avoid display problems on the console.

With the product powered off:

  1. Plug the monitor into the VGA port 4 or HDMI port 4 (SN2100 and SN3100).
  2. Plug the keyboard into the PS2 port 3 or a USB port 5 (SN910, SN2100, SN3100 and SN6100).
  3. Insert the USB drive into a USB socket 5.
  4. Power up the product.
  5. Start it by pressing the Power button or the on/off switch (7 on the SN910).
  6. Wait several minutes.
    The product will start up on the USB drive.

The default baud rate on:

  • SN200, SN300, SN500, SN700, SN900 and SN910 models is 9 600 baud (8N1),

  • SN1100, SN2100, SN3100 and SN6100 models is 115 200 baud (8N1).