Downloading and installing the "Self-Test" kit

Downloading the "Self-Test" kit

Log in to your Client Area by typing the following address in your Internet browser:

To access the secure areas, sign up or log in by entering the login and password that Stormshield has sent to you. Your secure client or partner area will appear.

In the Product menu and Technical support sub-menu, click on "Self-Test". Select the model of the product to be restored and you will see the list of products that you have registered. Then double click on the serial number of the product you wish to check with "Self-Test".

Details concerning this “Self-Test” procedure will appear.

The Documentation link makes it possible to download documentation relating to “Self-Test” and restore Stormshield Network products via USB drive.

If you have selected the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Additional Tool link will offer to download the “Win32DiskImager” tool that allows copying the “Self-Test” tool or the disk image for restoring the product, on the USB drive.

Click on the link corresponding to your operating system, then save the downloaded file on your computer. Unzip it in a dedicated folder.