Downloading the restoration disk image

Accessing USB Recovery on MyStormshield

  1. Log in to your MyStormshield personal area by entering the login and password that Stormshield has sent to you. Your secure client or partner area will appear.

  2. Go to Technical support > USB Recovery.

  3. Select the model of the product to be restored and you will see the list of products that you have registered.

  4. Click on the serial number of the product you wish to restore.

Details concerning this recovery procedure will appear.

The Documentation link offers the download of documentation relating to the restoration via USB drive for Stormshield Network products.

If you are running in Windows, you will be prompted to download Win32DiskImager, which is needed for copying the disk image on a USB drive.

Generating the disk image

Select the major version of the firmware to be installed on the product in the parameter Firmware Version.

If you have chosen to restore the configuration, you will need to select a version compatible with this configuration. You will receive an error message if this is not the case. After the restoration, you will be able to update the product’s firmware.

Once these parameters have been entered, click on Build disk image.

Wait for a while as this task will take about one or two minutes. If the operation is successful, click on the link given in the section Download disk image.

If the generation of your disk image has failed, please contact Stormshield’s technical support for assistance on how to proceed.