On this product, data is stored on 2 SSDs accessible from the rear panel.
Each SSD can be easily extracted: to unlock its tray, press on the lever while pushing it laterally towards the right.

Other data is stored on an internal SSD.


  1. Unscrew the 4 fastening screws from the cover of the chassis with a Philips screwdriver:
    • 2 lateral countersunk screws on the rear of the product.
    • 2 pan head machine screws on the rear panel.
  1. Open up the appliance by pushing the cover towards the back.
    This operation will tear the warranty sticker:
  2. Locate the SSD:
  3. Remove the adhesive strip from the power and data connectors on the SSD.
  4. Unplug these connectors.
  5. The SSD is mounted on a metal plate, fastened by 4 countersunk screws: remove these 4 screws.
  6. Lightly lift the back of the metal plate, and pressing against the front part of the SSD, extract the whole setup by pushing towards the back of the chassis.
  7. Extract the SSD by removing the 4 countersunk screws under the SSD:


  1. Place the metal plate back into its notches:
  2. Push it towards the front of the chassis.
  3. Fasten it using the 4 screws.
  4. Ensure that the 4 fastening screws of the SSD remain outside the chassis.
  5. Put the cover back in place and push it forward.
  6. Close the chassis back up using the 4 screws.