SN2100 and SN3100

On these products, data is stored on one or two SSDs accessible from the front panel.
Each SSD can be easily extracted: to unlock its tray, press on the gray button while pushing it laterally towards the left.

Other data is stored on an internal flash module.


  1. Unscrew the 13 black countersunk screws of the upper cover with a Philips screwdriver.
  2. Open up the appliance by pushing the cover towards the back and removing it.
    This operation will tear the warranty sticker.
  3. Locate the Flash module:
  4. To extract the flash module, pull it gently and perpendicular to the motherboard:
  5. If your SN3100 is equipped with a TPM (Trusted Platform Module), extract it by pulling it gently and perpendicular to the motherboard:


  1. Put the cover back on.
  2. Push it forward.
  3. Close the chassis back up using the 13 screws.