Enabling Secure Boot in the firewall's UEFI

  1. Plug a monitor and USB keyboard into the SNS firewall.

  2. Restart the SNS firewall.

  3. When the Stormshield logo appears, immediately press [Del] several times to stop the SNS firewall startup sequence.
    This will lead you to the UEFI control panel.

  4. Go to the Security tab by using the arrow keys.

  5. Select Secure Boot and press [Enter].

  6. In the new window, select Secure Boot again and press [Enter].

  7. In the Secure Boot window, select Enabled and press [Enter].

  1. Press [Esc] and go to the Save & Exit tab.

  2. Select Save Changes and Reset and press [Enter].

  3. In the Save & Reset window, select Yes then press [Enter].