Reading logs

In the SNS firewall's administration interface

  • In Monitoring > Logs - Audit logs > VPN : this log shows information relating to the various types of tunnels (SSL or IPsec),

  • In Monitoring > Monitoring > Users : this log shows events relating in particular to authentication via SSL VPN tunnels. You can filter the contents of logs by Open VPN authentication to display them,

  • In Monitoring > Monitoring > SSL VPN tunnels : this log shows information regarding the sessions of users currently connected via SSL VPN tunnels.

Some information in logs can only be accessed if the user has been granted permissions to look up private data. If an administrator holds this permission or a code to access private data, access can be enabled by clicking on Logs: restricted access to logs in the upper banner. For further information, refer to the technical note Complying with privacy regulations.

On the SN SSL VPN Client

  1. Right-click on the SN SSL VPN Client SN SSL VPN Client icon icon in the Windows system tray.

  2. Click on Open log.

On OpenVPN Connect

To read OpenVPN Connect logs, in the profile window, click on the icon in the shape of a newspaper on the right at the top.

Window to access logs on OpenVPN Connect Window to access logs on OpenVPN Connect