OpenVPN Connect client in Android

  1. Install the application OpenVPN Connect (available from the Google Play online shop) on your terminal.
    The OpenVPN Connect is specific in the fact that all information (configuration, CA, certificate and private key) must be placed in a single file with the extension “.ovpn”.
  2. Log on from your terminal to the Firewall’s authentication portal (https://firewall_address/auth) using a web browser.
  3. Once you have authenticated, download the client’s configuration file (extension “.ovpn”) by clicking on the link “SSL VPN profile for mobile OpenVPN Connect clients” located in the menu Personal data:
  4. Your terminal will automatically detect this file and offer to import it into the SSL VPN client.
    This operation only needs to be carried out during the initial connection or when the parameters of the SSL VPN service have been modified (changes to certificates or the IP address of the Firewall for example).
  5. If you are using the version 1.1.17 (build 76) of the OpenVPN Connect client for Android, check the option Force AES-CBC ciphersuite available in the Preferences menu: