Monitoring SD-WAN links from the firewall’s administration interface

The monitoring module makes it possible to show the status of SD-WAN gateways as well as the values of the metrics relating to SLA thresholds.

Overview: dashboard of health indicators

The SD-WAN dashboard, available in the Monitoring tab > Dashboard module > Health indicators section, offers a quick view of the status of all SD-WAN objects.

The color of the SD-WAN icon varies according to the status of the routers and gateways used in the firewall configuration:

  • Green: all gateways are functional and meet the defined SD-WAN SLA criteria,
  • Orange: (at least) one gateway is degraded,
  • Red: (at least) one gateway cannot be reached.

Clicking on this icon will take you directly back to Monitoring > SD-WAN.

Detailed view: the SD-WAN monitoring module

The SD-WAN module, which can be accessed from Monitoring > Monitoring, shows details of routers and gateways used as the default gateway and in policy-based routing (PBR) rules.

Real time tab

The Real time tab shows information about the SD-WAN SLA on monitored gateways and routers.

On the line corresponding to a router, you will see:

  • The status of the router associated with a color code based on the same criteria as in the dashboard (green, orange or red).
  • The thresholds set for each metric (latency, jitter and packet loss rate),
  • The router’s SLA status.

On the line corresponding to a gateway that makes up this router, you will see:

  • The status of the gateway associated with a color code (green: operational, orange: degraded or red: unreachable),
  • The value of each metric associated with a color code (green, orange or red) making it easier to know whether they meet the set thresholds.
  • The gateway’s SLA status.

For more details on the values that the various indicators may show, refer to the module on SD-WAN monitoring in the Stormshield SNS v4 user guide.

History tab

In this tab, up to five gateways can be selected for a given router to display curves that show changes in latency, jitter, packet loss rate, availability and proportion of time each selected gateway spent in the various states.

Example for the Router1 gateway of the router SD-WAN_VoIP: