Creating the PBR rule for VoIP traffic

In Configuration > Security policy > Filter - NAT:

  1. Select the rule above which you want to add the rule for VoIP traffic.
  2. Click on New rule.
  3. Select Single rule.
  4. A new inactive rule is added to the filter policy.
    This rule is selected by default.
  5. Double-click on this rule.
    The configuration window of the rule opens.
  6. Click on the General menu on the left.
  7. In the Status field, set the value to On.
  8. Click on the Action menu on the left.
  9. In the General tab:
  • In the Action field, select pass,
  • In the Gateway - router field, select SD-WAN_VoIP.
  1. Click on the Destination menu on the left.
  2. In the General tab, for the Destination hosts tab, click on Add and select the server or server group Remote_VoIP.
  3. Click on the Port - Protocol menu on the left.
  4. In the Destination port field, click on Add and select sip_tcp.
  5. Confirm the configuration of the rule by clicking on OK, then on Apply to enable the modified filter policy.

This filter rule will then look like this: