New features and enhancements in version 7.4.018

Main features

  • TrustedConnect Panel now handles multiple connections, including in GINA mode and with Filtering Mode active,

  • TAS activation requests are spread out up to 90 days prior to end of subscription in order to prevent TAS server overload when a great number of licenses must be renewed on the same date,

  • Supports automatic selection of user certificate from both token / smart card and Windows certificate store.


  • The Console window available from the TrustedConnect Panel now mirrors the behavior of the Console window available from the Connection Panel:

    • The menu item in the TrustedConnect Panel’s contextual menu can be enabled or disabled,

    • The same Ctrl+Alt+T keyboard shortcut to enable or disable logging is available,

    • A message in the Console window now specifies whether logging is enabled or disabled, and an icon to open the folder where logs are stored is shown when logging is enabled.

  • Licenses can now be activated on TAS server after the trial period or the subscription has expired when NoActivWin and AutoActiv are enabled,

  • Following ANSSI’s changes to [RFC 7296] to specify IPsec DR compliance, the Certificate Request payload must now use SHA-2 instead of SHA-1 for releases running in IPsec DR mode (requires setting a dynamic parameter),

  • Harmonizes behavior between SSL/OpenVPN and IKEv2 tunnels that use a client certificate with incorrect key usage or missing CA: a warning is displayed but tunnel can still be opened,

  • Improves handling of OpenVPN tunnels with no certificate: SSL configuration can still be imported, no error is generated in the Console, and tunnel can still be opened,

  • OpenSSL has been updated to version 1.1.1t,

  • Warning messages and error codes are harmonized now between the Connection Panel, TrustedConnect Panel, and the panel displayed on the Windows logon screen when GINA mode is enabled,

  • Tunnel now opens automatically when a redundant gateway is defined and main gateway sends a DELETE request followed by a CREATE request,

  • Virtual network is forced to 32 when CP mode is not used.