Limitations and explanations on usage

Port or address translation between SN TS Agent and the SNS firewall

Transparent authentication will not function on SN TS Agent if ports or addresses are translated between the SNS firewall and SN TS Agent.

Receiving a domain name in NetBIOS format

When SN TS Agent receives a domain name in NetBIOS format, you must map (maximum 5) this name to the Active Directory domain name in FQDN format. This map operation can be configured on the SNS firewall by using the CONFIG AUTH NETBIOSFQDN CLI/Serverd commands.

Installing on an RDS or Citrix server

The server must be restarted after SN TS Agent is installed to apply the new driver installed.

Identifying and modifying operating parameters

SN TS Agent operating parameters (listening port, port range, pre-shared key, etc.) can be looked up in the registry base of the server on which it is installed. For more information, refer to the technical note TS agent authentication.

Restarting the TS/Citrix server

Restarting the TS/Citrix server while users are connected via TS Agent method may prevent such users from logging back in once the server is restarted. This issue can be fixed by restarting the TS/Citrix server once more.