Version 3.2.2 bug fixes

In some cases, the installation of the SN SSL VPN Client in Windows 10 or 11 may fail. If you are affected by this issue, contact Stormshield support (support refer 84756).


Installation on Windows user profiles that contain spaces

Support reference 85042

An issue that prevented the SN SSL VPN Client from being installed, due to a space in the profile of the Windows user, has been fixed. This issue occurred particularly when the settings for short name behavior (8dot3 name) were disabled in Windows.

Deployment via GPO

Support reference 85010

An issue made the deployment of the SN SSL VPN Client difficult via GPO if an earlier version had been installed manually on the user's workstation.

This issue has been fixed for future deployments: if a version equal to or higher than 3.2.2 has been installed manually on the workstation, a version higher than the original will be deployed normally via GPO.

If a version older than version 3.2.2 has been installed manually on the workstation, a version equal to or higher than 3.2.2 will be deployed via GPO, but the user's workstation must be restarted.

Multifactor authentication - OTP

Execution of an opening script

Support reference 84754

Users needed to authenticate a second time in order to open the VPN tunnel when both of these elements were configured:

  • OTP authentication,

  • A script created via the Windows notepad, which had to be run when the SSL VPN connection started.

This issue has been fixed.


Shutdown of the VPN tunnel

Support reference 85070

When CPU consumption reached 100% on the Windows workstation for 2 seconds, SN SSL VPN Client considered that Windows was no longer responding, and would then shut down the VPN tunnel.

To reduce the frequency of these shutdowns, the duration has been increased from 2 to 60 seconds, and can be configured individually by user in the following Windows registry key: