Version 3.2.1 bug fixes

Multifactor authentication - OTP

Support reference 85005

An issue that prevented authentication with an OTP has been fixed. This regression appeared in SN SSL VPN Client version 3.2.0.

.bat scripts run by SN SSL VPN Client

Interruption of the VPN tunnel after running an opening script

Support reference 85009

When SN SSL VPN Client ran a script while the VPN tunnel was being set up with the SNS firewall, the tunnel would be interrupted if the execution of the script lasted two seconds or more. This issue, which generated the error 'The SSL VPN was disconnected when Windows was in sleep or hibernate mode, so you must log in again." has been fixed.

Removal of opening and closing scripts

Support reference 85013

Scripts run by SN SSL VPN Client when opening or closing the VPN tunnel with the SNS firewall were not deleted from the Windows workstation when they were removed from the SNS firewall's SSL VPN configuration. As such, these scripts would continue to run. This issue has been fixed.