New features and enhancements in SNS 4.3.22 LTSB

Embedded reports

Support references 84495 - 84626 - 84933 - 85038 - 85081 - 85197

The mechanism that backs up the database of embedded reports to a disk is now launched once daily at 12:30 a.m. and when the product is shut down/restarted, to reduce disk writing operations that may cause instability on SN160(W), SN210(W) and SN310 products.

Emerson DeltaV industrial protocol

Version 4.3.22 LTSB introduces the automatic detection of the Emerson DeltaV industrial protocol.

Storage devices

Support references 84901 - 85018 - 85145

The Messages module in the Dashboard can inform the administrator when a firmware update for the system storage device is available and must be installed with the assistance of Stormshield’s technical support.
Reminder: this update makes it possible to fix any issues regarding malfunctions on the firewall.

New card for 8-port 2.5 Gb/s copper modules

The 2.5 Gb/s copper 8-port card (reference NA-EX-CARD- 8x2.5G-C) has been supported since SNS version 4.3.15 LTSB.
The use of this card is intended for SN-M-Series-520, SN710, SN910, SN-M-Series-720, SN-M-Series-920, SN2100 and SN3100 firewall models.


The alarm 'Get CRL failed' now specifies the URL of the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) that could not be reached.


Support reference 83962

In the routing statistics log file, the value of the last latency measurement made until the present moment has been replaced with:

  • Average latency,
  • Minimum latency,
  • Maximum latency.

This data is calculated over the moving window period in which measurements are saved (15 minutes by default).

More information on:

SSH connections to the firewall

On firewalls in factory configuration and in SNS version 4.3.22 LTSB (and later 4.3 LTSB versions), the encryption algorithms ssh-rsa, hmac-sha2-256 and hmac-sha2-512 are no longer allowed for SSH connections to the firewall.

OSCAR analysis

A warning has been added to the configuration panel of the OSCAR protocol analysis to indicate that this protocol has considered obsolete since SNS version 4.3.22 LTSB.