Version 4.2.9 bug fixes


Authentication - SSL VPN

Support references 78073 - 81741

In a configuration using a main external LDAP directory and a backup external LDAP directory, switching from the main directory to the backup directory would occasionally cause the authentication engine to shut down unexpectedly, preventing uses from accessing the SSL VPN. This issue has been fixed.

Authentication to an LDAPS server

Support reference 84199

The firewall was occasionally unable to authenticate on an LDAPS server when a certificate signed by a CA with a CRL was presented. This issue has been fixed.

Hardware monitoring - Disks

Support reference 84083

The mechanism that analyzes the results of SMART tests has been adapted to stop raising inappropriate alerts on some SSD references.

SNMP Agent

Support reference 81710

Several anomalies that could cause memory leaks in the SNMP agent have been fixed.

Web administration interface

High availability

Support reference 83724

When an error occurs while attempting to connect a firewall to a cluster, the web administration interface no longer freezes when the “High Availability configuration in progress” message appears.