SNS 4.2.12 bug fixes


Creating interfaces

Support reference 75064

Configurations that contain several hundred interfaces (virtual, VLAN, etc.) no longer cause excessive CPU consumption after network interface configuration files are repeatedly reloaded.

High availability

Support reference 84100

In a high availability configuration, when a link is lost on the active node of the cluster, the switch from the active to passive node now takes place faster. This allows the passive node to switch more quickly to an active state, therefore minimizing interruption to network traffic.

Outgoing traffic statistics - SSL VPN

Support reference 79814

The counters that counted packets leaving the network interface linked to the SSL VPN were no longer refreshed This anomaly, which first appeared in SNS version 4.1, has been fixed.

Regular CRL retrieval

Support reference 84431

When the command PKI CONFIG UPDATE is used, an incorrect value (such as Any) can no longer be entered in the checkcrlbindaddr argument.