SNS 4.1.2 bug fixes


In certain conditions, the proxy can be impacted by a memory leak, leading to unwanted restarts of the service. If you believe you have been affected by this problem, please contact Stormshield support.


Multi-user authentication

Support reference 78887

After CSP (content-security-policy) directives were implemented in phases on some websites and these directives were verified by mainstream browsers, users who have SNS multi-user authentication would see a degraded display of such websites.

This issue was fixed by adding the firewall's FQDN to the list of websites allowed to use external resources for the sites in question.

Support reference 78677

After the recent implementation of a new security policy on mainstream web browsers, SNS multi-user authentication would longer function. Depending on the web browser used, the error message "Too Many Redirects" or a warning would appear in the browser’s web console.

To fix this issue, the authentication cookies that the proxy generates now contain the attributes "SameSite" and "Secure" when HTTPS is used.

When a user visits an unsecured website, i.e., one that uses HTTP, the "Secure" attribute of the cookie cannot be used. The web browser must be manually configured to enable browsing on these websites again.
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Support reference 78190

The mechanism that generates system event and alert notifications has been optimized to no longer excessively increase the CPU load when the number of connections passing through the firewall surges.

Intrusion prevention

RDP/COTP protocols

Support reference 78923

The mechanism that evaluates filter rules in connections that involve RDP/COTP now correctly applies related translation rules again, and no longer wrongly blocks such traffic.