New features in SNS 4.0.2


The update of a firewall from an SNS version 3.10.x and upwards to an SNS version 4.0.x must not be performed and is not supported.

Details are available in Recommendations section.

Stability and performance

The synchronization of SNS with SMC has been enhanced to allow smoother data exchange between both products, especially during direct access to the firewall administration interface from SMC.

Increased security during firmware updates

Security is now tighter during firmware updates. In addition to update packages being protected by signatures to ensure their integrity, Stormshield now also secures communications with the update servers used. These communications now take place in HTTPS and over port 443.


SSH commands

A new CLI / SSH command makes it possible to operate the TPM, and begins with:


It includes a command that allows new PCRs (Platform Configuration Registers) to be approved after the BIOS or hardware modules are updated.

For more information on the syntax of this command, refer to the CLI SSH Commands Reference Guide.