Version 4.0.1 bug fixes


IPsec VPN (IKEV1 + IKEv2)

Support reference 73584

In configurations that use both IKEv1 and IKEv2 peers, as UID (LDAP) and CertNID fields used for authentication are applied, user privilege verifications for IPsec tunnel setup are no longer ignored.

Support reference 72290

On firewalls that host IKEv1 and IKEv2 peers, groups belonging to users who set up mobile IKEv1 tunnels with certificate authentication and XAUTH are now taken into account.

Automatic backups - Cloud Backup

Support reference 73218

Configurations backed up in Cloud Backup can now be restored again.

System - Time zone

Support reference 69833

The Europe/Moscow time zone on the system has been updated to fix a time difference of one hour.

Firewalls with IXL cards

For firewalls equipped with IXL cards:

  • Fiber 4x10Gbps and 2x40Gbps network extension modules for SN2100, SN3100 and SN6100 models,
  • 4x10G BASE-T modules for SN710, SN910, SN2000, SN2100, SN3000, SN3100 and SN6100 models.
  • Fiber 10Gbps onboard ports on SN6100 models.

Support reference 73005

An issue with latency, which could affect firewalls connected using an IXL card on third-party equipment, has been fixed.

Support reference 72957

To prevent some negotiation issues relating to the automatic detection of media speed, the available values for IXL network cards can now be selected in the Network > Interfaces module.

Filter - NAT

The fields Force source packets in IPsec, Force return packets in IPsec and Synchronize this connection between firewalls (HA) were added to the CSV export file in filter and NAT rules.

High availability

When an alias is added to an existing network interface, firewalls in a HA cluster are no more switched.

High availability - IPsec VPN

Support reference 74860

As the SAD's (Security Association Database) anti-replay counters are sent to the passive firewall, sequence numbers are incremented in line with the high availability (HA) mechanism's operating mode.

Whenever the passive firewall detected IPsec traffic in HA configurations (e.g. monitoring frames from virtual IPsec interfaces), it would also send incremented sequence numbers to the active firewall.

As a result of these successive increments, sequence numbers would quickly reach the maximum values allowed. This would then wrongly activate IPsec anti-replay protection and block traffic going through tunnels. This issue has been fixed.

High availability and monitoring

Support reference 73615

A vulnerability to memory leaks has been fixed in high availability configurations with monitoring enabled.

Initial configuration via USB key

Support reference 73923

Firmware can now be updated again via USB key.

Authentication by certificate

A content check has been applied to some parameters used in the creation of cookies.


Support reference 74730

When the firewall is restarted, an anomaly occurs when the report database is enabled, causing several error messages to appear in the console:

checkdb[181]: Missing database file: /var/db/reports/reports.db
enreport: checkdb: Unable to restore the reports database
enreport: Unable to mount the reports database.

This anomaly has been fixed.

Serial port - File editors

Support reference 72653

A display bug that occurred during the use of Joe / Jmacs editors via serial link has been fixed.

Intrusion prevention

Support reference 73591

Enabling verbose mode on the intrusion prevention engine that analyzes some protocols (DCE RPC, Oracle, etc.) no longer causes the firewall to suddenly reboot.

Web administration interface

Static routing

Support references 73316 - 73201

In the Network > Routing module, the IPsec interface can now be selected again during the definition of a static route.

Network objects

Support reference 73404

Accented characters in the comments of network objects no longer prevent the pages of the web administration interface from loading correctly.

DHCP - Server

Support reference 73071

A warning message now appears to indicate that IP address reservations can no longer be added while a display filter is enabled.

DHCP - Relay

Support reference 72951

If network interfaces were specified to relay DHCP requests, they were replaced with the default value (automatic) after quitting and displaying the DHCP module again. This anomaly has been fixed.

Special characters

Support references 68883 - 72034 - 72125 - 73404

A bug during the conversion of special characters to UTF-8 (e.g. Asian or accented characters) generated XML errors and prevented affected modules, such as filtering and NAT, from being displayed. This anomaly has been fixed.

Certificates and PKI

Support reference 74111

CRLs containing several thousand revoked certificates would fail to display correctly on some firewall models. This issue has been fixed; now only the first 1000 items are displayed.

SNMP agent

Support reference 74337

During the configuration of the SNMPv3 server, both encryption algorithm buttons would always stay active even after they have been selected. This anomaly has been fixed.

Modbus protocol

Support reference 71166

The firewall would not take into account the information entered in the Allowed UNIT IDs table (Application protection > Protocols > Industrial protocols > Modbus > General settings). The same information would also not appear in the table after quitting the module.