SNS 4.6.5 bug fixes

The fix added in version 4.6.4 regarding memory leaks in the monitoring management engine has been removed. It will be reviewed and included in a future version.


SNMPv3 - Traps

Support reference 85085

After the update of an existing SNMPv3 configuration to version SNS 4.4 or higher, the authentication type assigned to SNMPv3 traps would be wrong. This anomaly has been fixed.

SN2100 and SN3100 firewall models - Updating firmware on SSD disks

To prevent SSD disks from potentially malfunctioning on SN2100 and SN3100 model firewalls, a firmware update of such disks is automatically applied when the firewall is updated to SNS version 4.6.5 or higher. Reminder: this update had already been applied since SNS version 4.6.2 to the firewall models listed in the section Version 4.6.2 bug fixes.

SSH connection over the firewall

Support reference 85106

Adding an SSH banner would cause an error in the configuration of the firewall's SSH server. This anomaly has been fixed.

Intrusion prevention engine

High availability - SCTP protocol

Support reference 85130

An issue was fixed in the bulk update mechanism in established SCTP associations. This issue occurred after the passive firewall was restarted.