SNS 4.5.1 bug fixes


Admin account passwords containing UTF-8 characters

Support references 81324 - 80974 - 82761 - 84322 - 84503

Whenever the password of the admin account contained UTF-8 characters (e.g., the € character), it could no longer be changed in the web administration interface. This regression, which first appeared in SNS version 4.1, has been fixed.

Time taken to list certificates protected by the TPM

Support reference 83999

It now takes much less time to list all the certificates protected by a TPM due to restricted access to the TPM while this operation is in progress.

Showing comments assigned to members of a group

Support reference 82069

Comments assigned to members of a group are now shown when the contents of the group are listed (by scrolling over the group or by using the command CONFIG OBJECT GROUP SHOW).

SSL certificate authentication

Support reference 80325

When SSL certificate authentication is deleted, the user’s connection to the firewall’s web administration interface or the authentication captive portal is no longer wrongly blocked.

SSL proxy

Support reference 84316

An anomaly that occurred when the SSL proxy verified the trust chain has been fixed - access to Cisco Webex servers is no longer wrongly blocked.


Support reference 84203

When the monitoring data file is corrupted, monitoring services no longer freeze and a new monitoring data file is generated.

Disabling the parent interface of a VLAN

Support reference 81749

Whenever the parent interface of a VLAN was disabled, the firewall would wrongly send a GARP (Gratuitous ARP) packet with the IP address of the disabled interface as well as the legitimate GARP packet with the VLAN’s IP address. This anomaly has been fixed.

Handling excessively long pre-shared keys (PSK) with CLI/Serverd commands

Support reference 83626

Simplified error messages are now shown when handling (creating or modifying with CLI/Serverd commands) PSKs that are too long. Now only a single message appears: "PSK too long".

Storing logs on SD cards - SN160(W), SN210(W) and SN310 firewalls

Log storage devices can no longer be formatted while logs are still active.


Multicast routing

Support reference 84250

Fragmented multicast packets arriving on the firewall are now correctly forwarded to all network interfaces involved in multicast routing.