SNS 4.2.14 bug fixes


High availability (HA) - Synchronization

Support reference 83721

Anomalies that may cause excessive memory consumption have been fixed in the mechanism that synchronizes the high availability configuration.

SSL traffic towards the SNS firewall

Support reference 84264

As TLS 1.2 is the lowest protocol version that can be used for SSL traffic towards the SNS firewall, the configuration tokens corresponding to SSL v3, TLS v1.0 and TLS v1.1 have been removed from the configuration file of the SSL protocol so that they cannot be used.

IPsec VPN - Router objects

Support reference 82369

In configurations where IPsec VPN tunnels were set up through a router object, switching from one gateway to another within this router object could prevent some IPsec VPN tunnels from being automatically set up again. This regression, which first appeared in SNS version 4.2, has been fixed.

Intrusion prevention engine

Number of protected hosts

Support reference 84537

An issue regarding the maximum number of protected hosts, which would arise when an SNS firewall was updated to version 4.2.11 or higher, has been fixed.