Resolved vulnerabilities in version 4.1.1


Vulnerabilities CVE-2019-15879 and CVE-2019-15880 relating to cryptodev were fixed after a FreeBSD security patch was applied.


Support reference 78384

Vulnerabilities (CVE-2020-11022 and CVE-2020-11023) were fixed after the JQuery library was upgraded.

Intel processors

Several vulnerabilities – CVE-2019-11157, CVE-2019-14607 and CVE-2018-12207 – that could affect Intel processors were fixed after a FreeBSD security patch was applied and Intel microcode was updated.

Details on these vulnerabilities can be found on our website

Command line

The SNS command line service (serverd) was vulnerable to brute force attacks only through protected interfaces, and only when access to the administration server over port 1300 was allowed in the configuration of implicit rules. This flaw has been fixed.

Details on this vulnerability can be found on our website


A vulnerability made it possible to send specially crafted NetBIOS packets through the firewall during NetBIOS sessions to launch denial of service attacks.

Details on this vulnerability can be found on our website

Certificates and PKI

Additional controls have been set up for operations such as user identities being downloaded or the publication of a certificate in the LDAP directory. These controls block JavaScript code from being run, as malicious users would have been able to inject it into the certificate.

Web administration interface / Captive portal / Sponsorship

Additional controls have been implemented for connections via the web administration interface, the captive portal or sponsorship, to prevent JavaScript code or additional HTML tags from being executed through the optional disclaimer page.

ClamAV antivirus

Vulnerabilities CVE-2020-3327 and CVE-2020-3341 were fixed after the ClamAV antivirus engine was upgraded to version 0.102.3.