SN VPN Client Standard 6.87.108

Major changes since version 6.64

Exclusive support for Windows 11 and Windows 10 64-bit on Intel processors

SN VPN Client Standard is optimized for Windows 11 and Windows 10 64-bit and can only be installed on these Operating Systems. Version 6.64 of the SN VPN Client Standard is still available and supports Windows 10 32-bit, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32/64-bit) on Intel processors.

Compatibility of configuration files

VPN configuration files from previous versions of the SN VPN Client Standard cannot be imported into this version once it is installed. If a previous version is already present, this installer will automatically convert the previous configuration and import it into the new version.

When upgrading from a previous version, we therefore recommend that you do not uninstall the previous version before you launch the installer.

Gateway certificate check

By default, the gateway certificate will be checked each time a tunnel is opened. It may be necessary to import the complete chain of certification authorities (CAs) to authenticate the gateway, either into the Windows store or into the VPN configuration file.

You can change this default behavior, though we do not recommend doing so (Options menu -> PKI Options).

End of support for "weak" algorithms

For security reasons, this version no longer supports the following algorithms: DES, 3DES, MD-5, SHA-1, DH 1-2, DH 5. If a previous configuration contains one of these algorithms, the installer will convert them to "auto" (automatic negotiation with the gateway).

If the gateway only supports this type of algorithm, you will not be able to establish a connection with this version of the SN VPN Client Standard.

Features, improvements, vulnerabilities, fixes since release 6.86 build 015



  • Support for multiple smart cards/tokens with CNG,

  • Connection Panel is now displayed automatically upon startup.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixes an issue that prevented SN VPN Client Standard from quitting in some rare cases,

  • PIN caching now works when logging back in after locking session,

  • Fixes an issue with RSA/SHA512 certificates,

  • Fixes a rare crash in Connection Panel when quitting,

  • Fixes a DPD issue after a retransmission,

  • CA no longer disappears after unchecking EAP pop-up,

  • Fixes a Local ID issue during authentication,

  • Activation now works in https,

  • DNS modifications on physical interface are now applied after virtual IP change during SA Auth Rekey,

  • Default driver registry keys are now set during update,

  • Fixes an issue with Yubikey 5 NFC,

  • Fixes invalid syntax when sending cipher proposals in OpenVPN automatic mode,

  • Fixes an IKEv2 fragmentation issue when using AES-GCM,

  • Fixes an IKEv2 fragmentation issue when resending lost packets,

  • Fixes an issue in the Connection Panel that only closed the tunnel the first time a token is removed,

  • All tgbcode*.dat and tgbparam*.dat files are now copied during an upgrade,

  • Fixes OSACheck issue and disabled OSACheck upon uninstall,

  • Fixes an issue that erased license file when upgrading from 6.6x to 6.86 with a new license,

  • Cisco configuration files (.pcf) are no longer supported and are no longer suggested in the configuration file explorer window,

  • Fixes an issue when reading the subject of a certificate encoded in BMPString.