SN VPN Client Standard 6.41.003

Features, improvements, fixes and known issues since release 6.40


  • Add a notification to let users know GINA mode will not work when VPN rules in USB.
  • When mounting several tunnels at the same time, PIN code is asked several times
  • PIN code requests mutualising when building several tunnels.


  • TLS tunnel: TlsAuth option worked only with SHA1 Authentication algorithm. TlsAuth is now possible with all authentication algorithms (SHA256, SHA 512, etc.).
  • TLS tunnel: TlsAuth option is also operational with key direction set to client or server.
  • All opened tunnels are properly closed when Windows shutdowns quickly.

Bug Fixing

  • Wrong pincode error occurs during Phase1 renewal in some case.
  • PIN code is asked at each Phase1 renewal
  • Bad X-Auth password leads to a software error.
  • Socket bind fails when executed too quickly after interface is up.
  • Polish translation of the VPN Client.
  • Correct default DPD values are set when importing a configuration without DPD.
  • TgbIkeNg not stopped on fast shutdown on Windows 10.
  • Font size fix in the Connection Panel (title and open button).
  • Windows 10: When the user session is locked, the VPN GINA is not displayed.
  • Configuration with Virtual IP set to "::" doesn't work.
  • No virtual interface when virtual IP is not specified and remote network is a range of address
  • The Gateway Certificate CRL was checked despite this checking is disabled.
  • Crash Ike on specific UNITY_DEF_DOMAIN values sent by the gateway (Mode config / Mode CP).