SN VPN Client Standard 6.21.001

Improvements and fixes since release 6.20.


  • IKE tunnel closes more quickly on network disconnection.
  • During a software update, the software activation can be processed within a VPN tunnel.
  • Possibility to create a VPN configuration with multiple auth + EAP + certificate.
  • (IKEv1) Phase1 closes (and can be re-open) as soon as the tunnel is closed by the gateway.
  • VPN Client can open tunnels even if the Internet connection appears after it starts.
  • (IKEv2) Local and Remote ID now display explicit "E-mail" instead "ID_RFC822_ADDRESS".

Bug Fixing

  • (IKEv1) "Initial contact" is not sent anymore upon tunnel renegociation.
  • Correct management of certificates containing an OID in the subject.
  • Tunnel opening on traffic detection might not work after a restart of the VPN Client software.
  • Cannot open an IKEv1 tunnel when switching from a network to another while VPN Client is running (on a workstation with two NICs).
  • With Mode Config on IKEv1, Phase 2 establishment could fail.