Use case

Stormshield Network Security virtual firewalls are mainly used in two cases: for the protection of access to hosted services, and the protection of users' Internet access.

Protection of access to hosted services

As a service provider, you host your clients' servers and applications in your virtual infrastructure. When you deploy Stormshield Network Security, you secure your clients' connections to their resources in your datacenter:

  • Connections by users in your clients' premises,
  • Connections by mobile users outside the premises.

In this case, only the VPN function is necessary; select Stormshield Network Pay As You Go – Standard Package.

Protection of users' Internet access

As an Internet service provider to your clients, you deploy Stormshield Network Security in your infrastructure to protect users who access the Internet through your datacenter.

In this case, full protection is necessary; choose Stormshield Network Pay As You Go – Package standard + option Premium UTM Security pack.