Importing the initialization kit

The installation of the initialization kit allows you to simultaneously perform two operations:

  • Change the EVA model to a Stormshield Network Security model,
  • Assign a new serial number to the firewall in the following format: VMSNSXXXXXXX.

The type of initialization kit is also what determines whether the virtual firewall is sold with or without the Premium UTM Security pack option.

  1. Start up the virtual firewall. Its serial number by default is VMSNSX00Z0000A0.
  2. If it was configured in DHCP, note down its IP address from the console.
  3. Log on to the virtual firewall's web administration interface (https://firewall_IP_address/admin).
  4. Authenticate using the administrator account and the associated password.
  5. Go to the Configuration > System > Maintenance module > System update tab.
  6. Select the initialization kit (extension ".vminit") in the field Select the update.
  7. Click on Update firmware. The firewall will automatically restart.

You now have a Stormshield Network Security firewall, as indicated in the upper banner.

PAYG in the web administration interface banner.