Downloading the installation file

The installation file exists in the four following formats:

  • utm-SNS-EVA-version no..ova for VMWare platforms,
  • utm-SNS-EVA-version no..openstack.qcow2.gz for Openstack-based platforms,
  • utm-SNS-EVA-version no..kvm.qcow2.gz for KVM-based platforms,
  • utm-SNS-EVA-version for Microsoft Hyper-V platforms,

To download the installation file:

  1. Log on to your private-access area on
  2. Go to the Downloads > Downloads > Latest Versions menu.
  3. In the Stormshield Network Security - Firmware - V X.YZ window (with X.Y.Z higher than or equal to 3.8.2), select the installation image in the desired format.
  4. Save this file on your workstation.