Requirements and operation

An administrator account with the Maintenance permission


Some operations require access to the web administration interface of the firewalls in question using an administration account that has at least permissions to perform/restore backups (administrator with the Maintenance permission).

Find out more on creating administrator accounts with specific permissions.

Important information regarding Wi-Fi

Do note that if your source firewall had an internal Wi-Fi access point (AP) built into its configuration (SN160W/SN210W model firewalls), you will need to configure and connect an external Wi-Fi access point to your destination model when you migrate the configuration.

Overview of a configuration migration

The following steps are required in the migration of a configuration:

  1. Backing up the configuration of the source firewall.
  2. Restoring the configuration backup on the destination firewall.
  3. Adapting cable connections and the configuration on the destination firewall.