Making the initial connection on the firewall

Now that your firewall is installed and running, you can connect to it.

Accessing the firewall administration interface

  1. Using a web browser on the client workstation, go to
  2. A warning message appears, indicating that the visited domain is invalid. This is normal because the certificate that the firewall uses is self-signed. Continue to the site.
  3. The page allowing the connection to the firewall’s administration interface appears. Enter "admin" as the login and password, then log in.

The firewall's dashboard will then appear. Its layout varies according to the SNS version pre-installed on the firewall, which is shown in the upper banner. The image below is taken from a 3.x version.

Dashboard of a firewall in a 3.x version

Changing the "admin" account password

For security reasons, we strongly recommend that you change the default password of the “admin” user during the initial connection to the firewall.

  1. From the menu on the left, go to Configuration > System > Administrators.
  2. Click on the Administrator account tab.
  3. Only when a SNS 4.x version is pre-installed on the firewall, the Old password field appears. Enter "admin” in the field.
  4. Enter the new password and confirm it. Take note of the following points:
    • A progress bar will show the strength of the password that you typed. Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters to increase its level of security.
    • The password cannot contain:
    • " <tab> <space>

  5. Click on Apply , then Save.

The new password must be used at the next connection.

Window to change the password of the admin account on a firewall in version 3.x