Testing the configuration and backing it up

Now that your firewall is configured, ensure that everything is running correctly. If so, we recommend backing up the configuration of your firewall so that you can restore it whenever necessary.

Testing the configuration

If certain components are inaccessible when the configuration is finalized, check whether the malfunction relates to the configuration of your firewall. To do so:

  • Verify the rules in your filter, NAT and URL policies in order to identify any potential errors.

  • You can place a pass all rule at the beginning of a filter or URL policy to test whether a rule in particular is too restrictive. Be cautious, however, as this may compromise the security of your environment while you perform your tests. 

Backing up the configuration

Back up your firewall’s configuration in Configuration > System > Maintenance, Backup tab. You can also enable automatic backups of its configuration in this module.

For more information, refer to the Maintenance chapter in the SNS user manual.