Defining remote virtual interfaces

The virtual interfaces on the remote firewall can be defined with the help of network objects. They will be used as gateways in routers and can be used in the definition of IPsec tunnels.

In the given example, remote interfaces are named RemoteTunWAN1, RemoteTunWAN2 and RemoteTunWAN3.

To create the object corresponding to the first virtual interface on the remote firewall, go to the Configuration > Objects > Network objects module and click on Add and on the Host icon of the upper banner.

Assign a name to the object (RemoteTunWAN1 in this example) and indicate the associated IP address. For this object, you will need to indicate the IP address of the IPsec interface associated with the WAN1 link of the remote firewall, i.e. in the example. Confirm to create the object.

Following the same method, create the objects RemoteTunWAN2 ( and RemoteTunWAN3 (