Defining a network object that contains IP addresses assigned to mobile peers

If VPN clients must reach n discontiguous networks, i.e., networks that cannot be grouped in an IP address range or in a single network:

  • n Phase 2 configurations must be created on each VPN client,
  • Each VPN client will then need n IP addresses.

This will directly affect the size of the network dedicated to VPN clients.

Defining the network object

In the module Configuration > Objects > Network objects:

  1. Click on Add.
  2. Select Network.
  3. Assign a Name to this object (Mobile_Users_Network in the example).
  4. Enter the Network IP address field in the form of a network/mask.
    This network must contain at least as many IP addresses as the number of users likely to connect via an IPsec VPN tunnel.
    Examples: or : 254 addresses so 254 Phase 2. or : 510 addresses so 510 Phase 2.
  5. Click on Create.