Objects replicated in a cluster

The following are lists of the objects that are replicated from the active firewall to the passive firewall.

Objects synchronized in real time

  • TCP and UDP connection tables,
  • IPState connection tables (GRE / ESP),
  • SCTP associations,
  • Host tables,
  • Tables of users authenticated on the firewall,
  • Changes to the Internal LDAP directory,
  • Status tables exclusively for FTP and SIP protocols,
  • Statuses of monitored routers,
  • Serial numbers of certificates,
  • Security associations (IKE-SA and IPsec-SA) of IKEv2-based IPsec VPN connections,
  • Anti-replay counters of IKEv2 IPsec VPN connections.

Objects synchronized periodically

  • Active Update databases,
  • Changes to the firewall configuration (upon request),
  • DHCP leases (5 minutes),
  • SN Vulnerability Manager event databases (60 minutes),
  • New certificates and downloaded CRLs (60 minutes).

Objects that are not replicated

  • Direct connections with the firewall, such as administration sessions via SSH, serverd, the web administration interface, etc.
  • Connections handled by proxies.
  • Logs.