Updating the SNS virtual firewall

Firewalls can be migrated only to SNS version 3.8.2. Once the migration process is complete, you can update the SNS virtual firewall to a higher version.

Downloading SNS version 3.8.2

  1. Log in to your MyStormshield personal area.
  2. Go to Downloads > Downloads.
  3. Select Stormshield Network Security > Tools from the suggested categories.
  4. Save the file V 3.8.2 on your workstation.

Updating the firmware

  1. Log in to the virtual firewall's web administration interface (https://firewall_IP_address/admin). If it is configured in DHCP, note down its IP address in the console.
  2. Authenticate using the administrator account and the associated password.
  3. In Configuration > System > Maintenance, System update tab, Select the update field: select file downloaded earlier.
  4. Click on Update firmware. The firewall will automatically restart.