Deploying a virtual web server

Deploying the server in a resource group

This section briefly describes the steps that would enable the deployment of a web server (based on a Linux Ubuntu Server distribution) on the network protected by the EVA (Private in the example):

  1. In the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, search for "Ubuntu Server XX.XX LTS" and select the desired distribution,
  2. Select a deployment template and click on Create,
  3. Assign a name to this machine (Web-Documentation-Server for example),
  4. Create a user (azureuser for example) and his password,
  5. Select the geographical location for hosting,
  6. Select the resource group created during the deployment of the firewall (SNS-Documentation in the example),
  7. In the options, select the virtual network associated with the resource group, then the private sub-network created earlier (Private in the example).
  8. Confirm.