Getting started

Product concerned: SNS 3.8 and higher versions

Last update: March 2019

This technical note explains how to deploy a Stormshield Network Security Elastic Virtual Appliance (EVA) instance equipped with two network interfaces ‎— a public (unprotected) interface and a private (protected) interface — on a Microsoft Azure hosting platform.

You will also find examples of filter and NAT rules to protect web servers hosted on the firewall's private network.


Obtaining the firewall license

Once the deployment is complete, your EVA will require a software license in order to run.

Get in touch with your Stormshield distributor to order the license for your EVA. If you do not already have a Stormshield distributor, use our search engine to locate one close to where you are.

Available Microsoft Azure / EVA instances

This table presents the different kind of Microsoft Azure instances and the corresponding EVA models:

Azure instance vCPU


Network interfaces

Bandwidth (Mb/s) EVA model
F1 1 2 2 Moderate: 750 EVA1
F2 2 4 2 High: 1500 EVA2 or EVA3
F4 4 8 4 High: 3000 EVA4
F8 8 16 8 High: 6000 EVAU
F16 16 32 8 Very high: 12000 EVAU