Creating the web server instance

The purpose of creating one is to deploy a server instance (Linux/Ubuntu distribution used in this technical note) connected to the VPC, security group for traffic between protected hosts, private sub-network and SSH key created in the previous steps.

Creating the server instance

In the COCKPIT 3DS OUTSCALE console, under the Compute menu:

  1. Select Instances.
  2. Click on Create, then Expert mode.
  3. Name the instance (e.g., Documentation-Web-Server) and click on Next.
  4. Indicate the desired operating system type in the search field (Ubuntu in the example), then select the desired model.
  5. Click on Next.
  6. Select according to your requirements:
    • The CPU Generation,
    • The desired Performance level (3DS OUTSCALE parameter),
    • The number of Cores,
    • The amount of Memory (GB) allocated to the virtual machine.
  7. Click on Next.
  8. Select the VPC (Documentation-VPC in the example).
  9. Select the private sub-network of the VPC (Documentation-VPC-Private in the example).
  10. Enter the IP address of the server.
    This address (e.g., must belong to the sub-network selected in step 9.
  11. Select the geographic area in which this sub-network is available (eu-west-2a in the example).
  12. Click on Next.
  13. Select the security group for traffic between protected hosts (Documentation-Pass-All in the example).
  14. Click on Next.
  15. Select the SSH key (Documentation-Keypair in the example).
  16. Click twice on Next.
    You will be shown a summary of the instance.
  17. Confirm the creation of the instance by clicking on Create.